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Realtree Master Pieces Puzzle - 1000 pieces

The Puzzle of Nature

Are you up for a challenge? We hope you don't take this question lightly. Our challenge will require patience. Attention to detail. Perseverance... What? No, we're talking about a complicated puzzle. What did you think we were talking about? We're not about to ask you to survive in the wilderness or anything! That's a bit too extreme for our tastes. No, our version of a challenge is this Realtree 1000 Piece Panoramic Puzzle. This baby will be over 3 feet long when complete, with intricate images of nature, wildlife, and scenery. Putting together a 1000 piece puzzle will definitely require patience and perseverance. Now, we're not going to stop you if you want to wander off into the woods or anything, but we're quite happy with this MasterPiece challenge, thank you very much. 

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