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Attack on Titan - The Last Stand Board Game

Attack on Titan : The Last Stand is based on the famous Japanese anime series Attack on Titan. In this asymmetric game for 2 to 5 players, one person plays the role of a dreadful Titan while the others play as brave Heroes defending the last remaining city.

In this semi-cooperative game, players play together to defeat the Titan player before he destroys the last human city remaining. In order to win against him, players must absolutely coordinate themselves and use their unique ability at best.

In this game, the Titan player can choose between 4 different Titan roles, all very formidable… In the other side, players will choose among 8 different Heroes, they all have a unique special ability. A lot of different combinations allow infinite possibilities for games full of suspense and unexpected events!

Killing the Titan will not be easy as he has a lot of surprises in store for the Heroes. Indeed, when the Titan plays, he places one Action Card face up, and the second face down. This means that Heroes only know one part of the Titan’s plans, and can decide (or not) to block the first Action card’s effects. Sometimes, the Heroes can decide to suffer the effects they judge “minor” in order to keep their defence symboles for the second Action card, which will be revealed right after. This latter allows the Titan to have a great head start on the Heroes! The Heroes throw their dice and everybody can see the results. Therefore, their strategy can be heard and seen by the Titan, unless they are discreet!


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