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Dragon Ball GT Trading Card Game -Baby Saga Randomized Starter Deck

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Unleash the Animal!
Goku's a tyke again and facing bigger foes then ever. He must reach Super Saiyan 4 - but how? He's stuck in a preteen's body! He must find the 7 Black Star Dragon Balls for himself and a doomed Earth. Can he fight beyond his size?

Each Randomized Starter Deck Contains:
  • 3 Consecutive Main Personality Cards Starting With Level 1
  • 1 Starter Draft Pack of 51 Cards
    • 15 Uncommon Cards
    • 33 Common Cards
    • 2 Rare Cards
    • 1 Foil Card
  • 1 Random High-Tech Card
  • 1 Random Scouter
  • 1 Full Color Rulebook
  • 1 Playmat
  • 16 Card Battle Demo
  • Randomized Starter Deck. GT can booster-draft right out of starters!
  • New Transparent High Tech Cards let you choose the card power you want for your Main Personality!
  • Harder Hitting Game Play evolves the conflict beyond the next level!
  • Every game piece is now a card!
This starter contains a DBGT Main Personality and a randomized deck! Build your deck from over 70 cards! Everything you need is inside!

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